Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Be insured

Gelo and I recently started out as a family. It's only been two years since we were married, and all this time , I am proud to say that we were able to invest some of our money. But recent events made me think ahead. His father died last June, and It was good enough that he left a good amount of money for them. We found out about his insurance, so Gelo and I decided that it's time to get one.

We are looking for Family Insurance Plans with the best rates. It is good to have this kind of insurance than having individual ones since we are a family now. That would not only cover us but our children as well. Insurance Quoting Services are now available online, so it really saves my time than going to insurance offices which can really be tiring. Who wouldn't love to get a quotation at the comfort of your home? Lastly, we are searching for the cheaper insurance rates because there are still other things that we need to fund for the coming years, like Joaquin's schooling. I would really feel great if ever we can get a good deal by this year.

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