Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Online Casino

I am really not into casinos or gambling in my 28 years of existence, but here I am today looking for one online. Gelo is into playing a number of card games, not to mention poker, and he recently learned that there is a casino online. It was good enough that we landed on a good site that is like a directory of online casinos, giving a detailed review. It also gives information about the sites such as game experience, trust score and some other bonuses they offer. I would actually love to try playing poker, but I would still need a lot of knowledge about the game, observe on game strategies and expose myself. I am allowing Gelo to browse through the websites for now, just to have the idea, but not really gamble because we still have a lot of domestic expenses and financial obligations to prioritize. Maybe in the future, I can let him try it out. Who knows, I might get hooked into it too.

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