Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Laguna trip

Here's a few pics to share.. Kinda delayed since October 12 pa to. We went to my Uncle's place then checked out SM Sta. Rosa after lunch. We went with my cousin Jing, who lives in Sta. Rosa too.

** after lunch, getting ready to leave, Joaquin was making pa bibo na naman**

** with my dear cousin Jing, and her niece Alyanna**

** feel ko mag dress, bakit ba?!**

** he literally went crazy with these books..Look at those fingers, browsing for more.. **

*sigh* I have loads of pics to upload here at my PC, i don't even plan of editing those, i just need to resize so it would be easier to post it later here and at my Multiply account.


Janine said...

you look good in your dress..heheh sexy ah parang walang anak..:)

Peachy said...

heheh thanks janine.. feeling lang , malaki pa tummy ko, heehe