Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Japan, Japan, sagot sa kahirapan

** at the lobby waiting for our room card**

** trying to do the signature "japan, japan, sagot sa kahirapan" hand peace sign**

** there you go.... japan, japan sagot sa kahirapan.. peace **

** don't do it mom**

Yes, some people call it the Korean peace sign, i call it that way too, especially when we were at Plantation Bay, and all the Koreans were doing the peace sign during photo opps. What's with the peace sign huh?!.. So we ended up doing it too.. I also noticed this with our fellow Filipinos working at Japan.. im sure you noticed it too. Two hands pa nga dooing the peace sign, at the sides of their cheeks most of the time. Hmm.. tell me more about its history. The "japan.. japan.. term" is something I learned from my gay friend at my previous job ages ago.. LOL. .. I wanna see your pictures doing this pose too :) Look at the last pic, Joaquin trying to put my two fingers together..


ann santos said...

kaaliw naman si joaqui!

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

uy, funny kayo ha.