Tuesday, October 23, 2007


credit : Little Sailer by Netmaus

I am still in the practicing mode in doing layouts. What can you say?

I love this pic of Joaquin at PINR, he enjoys the sand , the beach and this small boat. I think the aquashoes my mom gave him was a big help during our walks, he was never afraid of the sand at all. I'm looking forward to May 2008, we might go back to Bohol with my sisters and cousins. *crossfingers*.. Can you tell if i'm excited? hehehehe...


ann santos said...

ang cute naman ni joaquin! kakatuwa! magtulak ba daw ng bangka! hahaha. :)

Peachy said...

thanks ann.. he loves that boat, dami nya nga pics jan.. bangkero to paglaki :)