Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Credits: Shabby Prnicess Vintage Flowers

my first ever digiscrapping layout! (clap! clap! clap!)

I wanted to try it out for the longest time, but I got chickened out thinking I won't be able to do it. So last night, I just asked Mitch for some Photoshop techniques and from there we talked about digiscrapping. I had my first layout after following the Shabby Princess tutorials. It is so easy , especially for someone like me who doesn't know how to use the photoshop. I actually have 2 other layouts that I did just this afternoon. Addict ba? I am enjoying it, and I know i still have a long way to go. If u have tips, comments or any other remarks, please. ..please leave me a message.

My special thanks to Mitch, for the encouragement, and for unceasingly helping me , answering my questions, You are such an angel :)

To Gelo and Joaquin for being my inspiration inevery photograph I capture. You always make me feel complete (and loved, of course!)

To my sister Ricca, for being my first model, you are and you will always be my little sister. Kamusta naman ang cleavage sa picture mo? LOL

And to my fellow bloggers who is not into this yet, better try it out. Believe in yourself . I am willing to help you out if you wanna start. Start lang ha, im not a pro, newbie lang din, so sabay tayo mag aral :) Let's keep on sharing notes:)

Ano ba? Para naman akong nanalo ng award.. ! Hahaha! Layout pa lang yan ha..


Mitch said...

Weeeeee! At special mentioned pa ang aking pangalan.

Most welcome, sis!

At you have the potentials... Keep it up! Gawa ka na din ng blog about DS lang. :p

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

ang galing naman ng gawa mo peachy. :)


Aggie said...

WOW Nagscrascrap ka na din! Yehey!!

Peachy said...

thanks.. yes scrap na din.. todo na heheheh!

Kelly said...

naku, gusto ko din i-try yang pagscrap matagal na...

trinity said...

naku sis..welcome to our club!! talagang naka-ka-addict ang scrapbooking!!

nice layout by the way!!

Peachy said...

kelly, try mo, its easy to learn :) ul enjoy it for sure.

thanks trinity.. im having fun with it. i keep on downloading muna :)

Mich said...

wooow! not bad for a first LO ha! congrats Peachy! keep on scrapping! ;)