Friday, October 26, 2007

shopping at Beverly HIlls

I have always dreamed of visiting Beverly Hills, California because of it's distinct fashion and style, not to mention the celebrities that flock around the area. I wanted to experience world class shopping at Rodeo Drive and boutique openings, family day celebration, a concert at the park and a whole lot more. Beverly Hills offers a variety of activities for all of it's visitors.

If ever we will be granted a visa by next year, I am so definite that Beverly Hills would be on our top list to visit. But as of now that I don't have one yet, I just feast my eyes on websites that offers the very best of beverly hills shopping . First to look for would be clothes of course! A lot of designer brands are situated here and they also have online stores that I can check for now. I would also need to take note of the Rodeo Drive Map found on the websites. Of course, shopping won't be complete if I won't buy anything for the little boy. He is so much into tboys now so I need to check for toyshops. I would also need to research on stores for our DSLR and our latest laptop. Lastly , I found this online shop that sells contemporary dinnerware which I find so beautiful and elegant. I would love to have one for our new dining table. I got so excited with the website and the products it offers, because it is located at the heart of Beverly Hills. I can ask my cousin to go and check it out for me because I am really eyeing on a lot of home products. Items like table top items, china wares, linens , watches and fine jewelries really caught my eye. Now, I really can't wait to see the store.

But since I don't have the visa yet, I will just keep on visiting the online store to check on their new arrivals and most of all, I love to check for markdowns. I already saw a very stylish blue bracelet that would be perfect for dinners or parties. Oh, is it shopping time again? Might as well include that bracelet in my Christmas wishlist.

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