Thursday, October 25, 2007

high waist Couture shorts this time

I spotted a red version of this couture short at Topshop Podium last month, but the price is Php 2000 + ! Huwaaatt! So I had no choice but to place it back on the rack. I was a bit sad then, i want it badly coz i know the style would hide my "puson".. I even went back to topshop to check it out a week after, it was still there in flaming red!I didnt even bother to show it to Gelo. It would be too much for 2K!.. A week after, I spotted a somewhat the same style at Folded and Hung (but i just love the one from topshop more), I had 4 outfits to try on that time, including the shorts.. LOL. I feel great with the shorts, but since i'm wearing a long graphic top, parang it doesnt match at all. I ended up buying a choco brown jumpsuit (still in shorts), and gawd.. love it! love it! I won't be posting a pic, coz I'm planning to wear it next month, at the Mommy bloggers christmas party.. hehehe :) excited! wish ko lang kasya pa, I eat a lot na naman..grrrr! diet! diet!

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