Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Question Tag

Here's another one from Kelly..

Which local or foreign celebrity best describes your style?

I play with fashion. I can be Mikee Cojuangco who stays with the basics, Mariel Rodriguez who is so hip and funky , and Cherie Gil , who is so glam looking ever, i love her style (pareho din kaming maldita hehe)

Now for my Question:

How would you describe your life now in one word? I'm tagging my new online buddies, Ann, Kero, Yvette, and Trinity.


trinity said...

thanks for the tag sis!!

posted my answer already!!

Peachy said...

thanks :)

ann santos said...

ei peachy! napaisip ako dun ah. i'll answer the tag later magiisip muna ako. hehe.

Peachy said...

take ur time ann :) il check ur blog later :)