Thursday, October 18, 2007

Health Watch

So, the Daddy is really into diet and exercise now huh!? Last night, we checked on his weight and he already lost 6 lbs., not bad. But it seems that he is really taking it seriously. He is even planningto try out Weigh Loss products that he saw over the internet last night. He was actually browsing for some Hair Loss remedies because after using this newly commercialized anti-dandruff shampoo, his hair went crazy that it was falling all of a sudden. I also had my series of hair fall episodes after using the same shampoo, so we both stopped using it.

He was still browsing the website when he saw the topic about Colon Cleanse . His dad had a colon operation last year before Christmas, and that started the series of his illness after. He wished that we have read colon cleansing even before so that we have prevented complications after his dad's operation.

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