Thursday, November 15, 2007

The second part of my Sunday

This is a continuation of THIS.

I then saw Apols. At first I never knew it was her, parang nag second look pa talaga kami.. then we recognized each other na. Wala pa mga kiddos nya nun, we had a few chikas. She's a warm person, too far from her blog stories and some of her pics. She looks younger and sexier in person (inggit ako, do i still have to say that?) She's kinda tense kasi nga di pa nya nakausap ung host. And so joaquin walked and ran at the premises, he even entered the party area kahit may iba pang party! Crasher LOL!

Time was kinda fast, befor I knew it, Apols invited us at the party area already. As usual, I wasa yaya to Joaquin while Gelo was the photographer. I instructed him to take snap shots of moms pag may nag arrive na. Basta nakita ko na lang si Aggie dumadating na. I met her once at UST because Martha and Joaqui shares the same pedia. Chatmate ko din yan about anything hehehe. Always ready to help out kahit na makulit na ko sa YM :) I love her kids. Sayang wala si Edil, walang naka chika si Gelo about Anime stuff :) Mato is really gwaping and Martha is stilll nag mamalditang bata.. but she is irresistable when she smiles. I was wondering bakit tahimik sya on our way home, nag milk pala LOL! EB tyo sa SM ha, wag na kay Dra. :)

Then parang nagulat ako, tumalikod lang ako sandali andun na.. andami! Shocked talaga, maybe this is one of the reason why Jane thought that I was shy at first LOL! Hay, ito na sila, in person! Jane approached me, and I saw her Sophia too. BIG Girl as we all say, Ate na talaga ang dating, so pwede na sundan. I admire Jane for being "bantay" to Sophia while playing. Though yaya was there at the play area, andun din si Jane, parang taga supervise :) from that instance I knew, she may have Yaya, pero todo bantay pa din kay Sophia. She could have opted to make chika to other moms, pero dun sya nakipag chikahan muna. Love that attitude Mommy Jane. With all the times na magka chat tyo, I never told you that, I reserved it for this post :)

Joy then approached me, Syempre she asked for my Kalakal agad :) She's tall nga , and girl, i love your bangs and your red shoes. Kala mo di ko napansin ano?! Sandy is adorable, Gawd, twice sila nag kiss ni Joaqui. and i Love her outfit.. preppy look. She's kikay , i can sense, coz she asked for my necklace "what is this?" while touching it. Next time il see you, il give her accessories! Nililigaw ko na si Joaqui sa kanya.. :)

Jacqui was the next one I saw, she introduced herself.. and grabe.. ma kwento sya:) Alam mo lahat ng pics mo, super naka smile ka or ur laughing talaga.. Jolly person. Super cool sa games.. kahit kalaban namin sya , hala, natatawa ako sa mga comments nya. Sam is adorable too :) And by the way, no stir, you look sexier in person. True yan :)

Thea was at the other side of the venue (as if nman super laki diba?), but I find her really nice and game na game talaga ha. Maybe next time, mas may time to make kwentuhan. Your little girl is such a cutie too .. And you don't look preggy with your dress, dont worry :) Feel glad to meet you and your family!

Jody was there with her 2 kids and Dicky. I was looking at her kids kasi they are prim and proper, especially Margaux. Grabe, parang ako nung dalaga pa ko LOL! Bianca loves the play area din eh, sinusundan yata sya ni Joaqui dun. I enjoyed being your teammate sa Sassy Mommies, talaga namang na hyper pa tyo kaka sigaw.. Bitin ako sa chikahan portion! Share notes ka din sa BE ha.. i have a few more BE here, tinamad na ko gamitin :)

Kelly, The Best Dressed! I love your top. Carry ko kaya to wear that while following Joaquin all over? And I told you.. your Glam Mellissa won't escape my eyes... You look reserved as compared to some of us.. But I know, you have a lot in store.. Next time bring Manu ha. I'm so excited to see you at the Barney Concert! Hope we can share chikas before the concert itself. Oh, and thanks for updating me with the new designs of Melissa, and the new store at Rockwell too. Hope i will have a size on Sunday, we might drop by:)

I saw Mich and introduced myself too. Then we talked about her orders na. Super thanks for buying, diba, girl scout ako, may plastic pa kong dala :) Alex is such a girlie, sa damit pa lang, pink na pink na hehehe :) You seem really nice eh, coz ur always smiling, when u smile, nawawala na eys mo, cuteness!

Apple arrived with Austin, and syempre super mommy ya, kaya late na. But its okay, at least she made it. Had a chit chat with her, met her before Joaqui's 1st birthday pa coz I got our Standees from her. She is such a kind hearted person talaga :) Very creative .. sayang lang, wala na talagang time to chika.

Lastly, Abie , weekly na lang nakikita ko na to sa Little Gym eh, nagsasawa na nga ako sa kanila ni Howell ! JOKE! LOL! Super chatmate, textmate, co - parent at the gym.. hehehe :) In a short time na nakilala ko sya, I can say that she is such a true person. Same with Howell, kaya Gelo goes along well with him too. I do enjoy your company, sa mga chikahan natin sa gym, short but sweet :) Happy Birthday to Bela... excited na kami sa Saturday :)

And to my new girlfriends, Thank you.. I really found a friend in all of you. Though the chikahan was a bit short, ok lang din. I just wish that our friendship would go a long way pa .. and other mommy bloggers can join us next time .. :)


Jane said...

love the kwento peachy! grabe ha, buti na lang may energy ka pa talaga. kung ako yun, naku baka di na ko nakapunta haha.

and thanks sa nice words, im touched ;) i really want to be a hands on mom even if may yaya.

Kelly said...

i looked reserved pala. hahaha! nakakatawa talaga mga impressions ng moms sa isa't isa :)

gelo pala likes anime'? si gats din medyo, pati din ako, would you believe? (pero konti lang)

Mich said...

it was nice meeting you too Peachy! thanks for the nice words. sa uulitin! :)