Friday, November 16, 2007


Air Philippines will soon fly to Caticlan?!?!?!

From what I've read at their site, the maiden flight will be on Dec 15, 2007. I am still checking on the rates. Would you believe that we haven't been to Bora coz Gelo finds this place too crowded already. And as you may have noticed, our beach vacations were mostly isolated places :) Takot kami sa tao, in short. LOL!

I would still love to visit Bora someday, I need to check on the powdery white sand :) And if the budget permits, stay at Discovery Shores? Or the Boracay Regency ba yun? Whatchatink?

I promised myself that I won't ride Asian Spirit again(after our flight last June 2005 to Antique), parang uneasy ako the whole duration of the flight! Cebu Pac and PAL offers Kalibo only, so there's no way we were seeing Bora, I said to myself. But now.. Air Phil.. hmmm i need to re think! I tried flying with them once on our way to Iloilo last Dec of 2006, and it was a good flight naman. No problem at all. Hmm and speaking of our Iloilo flight, it was an emergency operation for my FIL then. I called all the airlines and landed at Airphil around 6pm to book a flight.. we were at the centennial airport at 3am coz we need to pick up our tickets and hop on the first flight at 5am! Attack of the octopus mommy na naman, and mind you, Joaquin was just 7 mos then! Goodness! I was dead tired at the hospital when we arrived at 6am. Tulog ang lola nyo!

Haay I'm tempted, I admit. The daddy is asleep now! Shoot! Baka mabasa nya to?!?! Sabihin may maitim na balak na naman ako! Cannot be! We are planning a trip for next year ( i was able to convince him that Joaquin wont have a party on april, instead out of the country na lang.Wish ko lang , mag sponsor mom ko ng Jollibee party, LOL!)..

Come on paid oppsss.. pour in.. para matabunan na to at di mabasa ni gelo :) LOL! Or else I'm dead with my plans!


macy said...

yes, air phil will fly to caticlan. even cebu pacific if not by december by january. that means lotsa promo's! woohoo. but i think they will use smaller planes as well kasi super short talaga ng runway ng caticlan. you can fly sea air and they currently have promo. i like them way better than asian spirit.
discovery shores is a nice resort but i heard ung food nila di masyado masarap. boracay regency is nice so is the mandarin. of course, i didn't stay on those hotels when we went to bora. we saved on the hotel to splurge on food and booze. medyo mahal kasi restaurants sa boracay. meron din hotel "the tides" nasa d mall sya but it's really nice also. hindi nga lang beach front. dami choices of hotel sa bora. tell me when you decide to go because their are hotels that won't cause you and arm and a leg pero ok naman. i'll text you regarding your "kalakal". i just noticed ang haba na ng comment ko. teehee.

Michelle said...

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Kelly said...

gelo reads your blog? hmmm... i don't let gats read mine unless i want him proofread a post. hehe :)

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

Try nyo Peachy. Ganyan ang impression ko ke Gelo dati pero when we went there last May, nagustuhan ko talaga. I'm sure he would change his mind. Bora is the place to be for beach lovers. Andami pang pwedeng gawin.

Sakay kayo ng paraw...i'm sure magugustuhan yun ni Joaqui.