Saturday, November 17, 2007

A credit card for me

Would you believe that until now, I still don't own a credit card? Not even an extension of Gelo's card. Why? Because I am an implusive shopper and it's one way of saving up myself from future debts. It's hard to stick up with the monthly payments, especially in my case that I don't have a mnthly income because I don't work at all. But that was before.

Now that I am earning a few money, Gelo said that now can be a time to have my own credit card. You know, for emergency reasons. So is shopping considered emergency? LOL! Alright, I gave it a try the other night. I checked on some Average Credit Credit Cards over the internet. I find it easier that way. I just love the website that I saw, because it holds hundreds of informations about different cards and I didn't had a hard time comparing interest rates, rebate programs and memebership rules. So would I apply soon? Yes, definitely. Christmas is fast approaching, and I need to shop for Christmas gifts !

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