Saturday, November 17, 2007

Comfort Food

Tagged by Vina .. Swear.. nagutom ako :)

* My Comfort Food*

I love pasta and I am a super fan of Chef D angelo, well, Gelo and Joaqui too. My current fave is the Seafood Medley. The taste is perfect.. and it has lots of squids and shrimps! Yum - O! On a friday night, we usually go to SM San Lazaro for this. Kilala na nga ako ng manager. Plus SM Advantage card holders gets a free Chicken Ceasar Salad for every 500 food purchase. I actually applied for the SMAC just for this freebie! Their Carbonnara would be my all time favorite :)

If im on a rush, im happy with Mcdo's Cheeseburger Meal. The delivery man in our area knows me already :)

What is your comfort food.. yvette, pam, mhay, kitts and eds?

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