Saturday, November 17, 2007


Since Monday, Joaquin can clearly say "Opo".. another proud moment of mommy :) You see, here's a bit of our rule in this house (though I know, joaqui is not that into rules yet, but he shoud be aware as early as now).. Pag Tagalog, tagalog, pag english, english.. LOL.. We strive to make him bilingual at least. So as its not that easy to train him when he goes to school. I am curious though, for kids who speak English talaga, parang di ko sila nadinig mag "PO" or "OPO" ? Aww.. sorry but it's a no-no for our family. That's one Filipino value that we practice til now. Not only within our family, basta whenever we talk to elders. Yeah.. do I sound polite? :)

Joaqui answers OPO when asked in Tagalog. And Yes when asked in English. I hope he wont get confused :)

Let me ask you, how do you feel when kids dont say po or opo nowadays? Does it still matter? It's still nice to hear them in English but sometimes, I jst feel that something is lacking when they converse, and I think thats the Po and opo.. hmm..


Kelly said...

hi peachy, sa family ko din super important ang mag "opo", kaya i will be passing this value to my son too :)

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

Congratulations to you and Joaqui. :) Mabait talaga yang anak mo. hehehe

Si Andre nag oopo din pero ang pakakasabi eh Popo. katunog ng pupu. Mwehehehe!