Thursday, November 15, 2007

Adelaide, Australia

Whenever I would read read something about Australia, it would lways talk about Sydney or Brisbane. I never thought that aside from those mentioned places, there' s still a place worth visiting. And that is Adelaide. I have a freind who is actually residing at Sydney now, but she will transfer to Adelaide by the start of next year. As early as now, she started searching for some Jobs in Adelaide, She is a gradute of Accountancy and I know that there is a big chance that she can grab a stable job there.

She also informed me that Adelaide classifieds are so easy to access even in the internet. She already found a place to stay and have s hortlist of shopping malls to visit, all because of the classified lists at the website. And since she is still single at 29, I encouraged her to try Dating in Adelaide, who knows, she might just land on her prince charming there. The last one really made her laugh. Would you believe that she is pretty and yet single? Oh well, I think her standards are way too high :) I wish her good luck in this new endeavor in her life !

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