Monday, June 07, 2010

Sunday Stealing - part 1

Sunday Stealing: Another Question Meme

1. It's 2AM and you are not home. You are more than likely: - stalking someone at facebook

2. What's the last thing you spent more than $100 on? - an airline ticket

3. What do your bank checks look like? - just the usual ones

4. Where did the shirt you are currently wearing come from? - hollister

5. Name something that will be on your Christmas wish list: - a new shoes from tory burch

6. What color is your toothbrush? - pink

7. Name something you collect and tell us about it. - books from sophie kinsella

8. Last restaurant you ate at. Who were you with? How was it? - TGIF with my family

9. Who was the last person you bought a birthday card for? - oh i cant remember

10. What is your worst bad habit? - biting my fingers?

11. Name a magazine you subscribe to? - none. i buy it from the rack

12. Your favorite pizza toppings? - cheese and lottttts of it!

13. Whose number were you looking up the last time you used a phone book? - my cousin's

14. Other than family, who is the person that you love most? - dear friends

15. What is the last thing you cooked? - adobo

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