Monday, June 07, 2010


Almost everyone in our family wears eyeglasses . My parents and even my sisters are wearing one. It is just me who is lucky enough to have a good eyesight, somehow. Well, its not really a perfect one but I can still manage not to wear eyeglasses. Few years ago, it was my youngest sister who decided to try out contact lenses, her eyeglasses seems to disturb her at work. With the wide choices of contact lenses, it is really hard to choose which one would be best for you. She went through a lot of stores asking for feedback and of course comparing prices. Of all the brands, she liked Acuvue oasis the most. It was her brand since the start until now and she only has the best words for it. She orders everything online, she told me that there's bigger savings at the website. Now that my parents are decided to try out contact lenses, she told them to try out Acuvue oasis contacts , because she knows that this would be perfect for them too. There's also a lot of fairly priced contact lenses online that they can try too. I just hope that my parents would be comfortable in wearing one since they are so used to wearing eyeglasses.

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