Monday, June 07, 2010

Wood bunk beds on sale!

One of the things that excites me this year would be the renovation of one of the rooms in our house. This used to be a Nursery room, but since my kids are both toddlers now, we decided to convert into the kids room for the kids to have their own space. I doubt if they will sleep there at night, but I am sure that they will play there and sleep during nap time. We were looking for toddler beds at first, but after checking out the sizes of the beds and the space we have in the room, we thought that it will not be feasible at all. One afternoon, we were lucky enough to see samples of a wood bunk bed at the furniture store. These bunk beds are just perfect for its size. I love how it maximizes the space that it can occupy. I actually like the one that has a bookshelf at the side since my kids love reading books especially during the night time. My husband told me to look at some bunk beds for sale in our area and even online. We wanted to find one with the best price and design. I am sure there are lots of designs and options once I do my research. I might get a wood colored one to match any paint or wall paper we will get soon.

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