Monday, June 07, 2010

Spa time!

Things have been crazy around the house lately. I can really say that I am overstressed! I worry about so many things in life that I sometimes forget to slow down a bit. I should always remember that I am here to enjoy life with my kids and my family. This is why the husband is giving me a free time at the spa. Yes, it is a much awaited moment for me because I certainly needs pampering and detoxification. If only my friend's spa is operational by now, I will surely be saving big bucks than paying it at a whole price in other spas. It is still under construction and he needs a lot of things like hot tub filters at some of their hot tub units. He started out the construction last month and he told me that it is 80% complete now. He even need pool cartridge filters and pool filter replacement cartridge . I suggested a website to him where he can get these items at really discounted prices. Imagine getting the product at such a low cost while providing you great customer service. They have a wide array of products available so he may even find there the above ground pool filters that he is looking for.

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