Monday, June 07, 2010

Interested with cigars?

Looking for men's gifts can really be hard especially if the one you are sending gift seems to have a lot of things already. I always experience this during Christmas time, I find it hard to find gifts for my husband's office mates and uncles. But now, I found a great gift idea for men, and that's Cigars. As most of them use cigars , a cigar humidor has always been my favorite item. A humidor is a container designed to hold the cigarettes and other tobacco products. A friend of mine is suggesting the Acid cigars , but I frequently see one at the mall. I usually buy the samplers or some flavored ones. For his boss, the limited editions are great choices . Some who doesn't smoke can even receive cigars , as i know some who are into collecting these pieces. My uncle is not a smoker, but he loves collecting cigars and some tobacco products that he even has a display cabinet for it. Most of those who received cigars from us as gift are so happy to have a unique gift. They told us that gone are the days that men would receive mugs, pens and hankies as gifts. It is fulfilling in my part to know that they appreciate our gift. Now, I am looking for CAO cigars. There are many variations of this type of cigar and the price is a little expensive as compared to the ones I previously bought. The husband is asking me to get this one specifically for their guest speaker next week. Its great that I got it in a good price.

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