Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sharing a small apartment

Have you ever experienced renting a small place , like when you were in college ? Before we move to this place , my husband was living before in a place near universities and there's a lot of small apartments out there for students. A group of 3 or more students would share in one unit in order to save on the lease and other household expenses. But sometimes you have to risk your own privacy when it comes to this. Since you are sharing with others , I know some would just have curtains to divide their place . But lately , I have seen some using Temporary Walls . These Temporary walls won't make your unit larger, but they help you maximize the space that you have. They use the pressurized wall technology that won't damage your interior at all. These procedure is now very popular with apartments at New York. We all know that apartments there are a bit expensive, and yet you are only getting a small space. So , what they do, they get services of CityWall NY for the installation of these walls. They maximize their space and still save on the rent. Most of all, they keep their spaces private.

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