Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fleet Card

Last year, a few days before I gave birth to my daughter, my husband was promoted at work. It was such a big blessing to us because a lot of incentives were added to what he already has. His medical card was upgraded to a better coverage. That means a lot especially if you have kids , its a big factor that we have a good coverage in case of emergency. Then he was given a nice plan for his cellphone too. So that was slashed off from our monthly budget. We don't have to pay for his bills. Then lastly , he is already covered with the company's Fleet program . His work is really far from our house, and I mean really far, and he drives back and forth every single day. We all know the price of gas nowadays so this fleet program of their company is really a big help. I know that most companies nowadays give this incentive to their employees as an additional benefit and as a sign of gratitude to the service they are rendering. There's a lot of Corporate reimbursement services offered by companies , and they guarantee a cut back on your costs as compared to others. I am just grateful my husband has this already, we are really saving a lot.

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