Friday, November 23, 2007

Wine Rack needed

The week before our wedding, my mom shipped 2 dozen of bottled wines for our male principal sponsors. We were able to use half of itonly, so until now, we have more than a dozen wine here because we still receive some as gifts last Christmas. Since our place is newly renovated, I am looking for a perfect wine rack that can cater at least 20 bottles.

I found this Chateau Wine Rack that can hold up to 23 bottles! Wow! An I find it as a space saver too, perfect for our little place at the dining area. I also love the hanging one, but it can only have 5 bottles. But really, it is a nice decor for the dining area. Imagine the wines hanging upside down! I might get this for my mother in law, they have a few wines at home and she can make use of this as a storage and decor at the same time. Hopefully , these items will be shipped before Christmas, I wanted to decorate the rack itself with garlands, christmas balls and ribbons. I saw these really nice grapes shaped lights that could give this rack that more distinct look. At last, our bottles won't be kept inside my mom's storage cabinet. They now have a palce they can call their own. I am also getting Wine charms from them, perfect accent for gift giving this season.

I am almost done with my christmas gifts for my immediate family, and I'm telling you, i feel happy with all of my purchases. I just don't have a gift for myself yet, do I need to give one? :) My savings is almost empty and I'm not nearing half of my shopping llist. I need to ask Gelo for some cash this time.

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