Friday, November 23, 2007

Ready. Set. Shop!

Okay, my paypal money is "limas"..wooohhooo!!! It's okay, I already bought Gelo his wallet, and 4 pairs of shoes for the little boy. But since it's Black Friday at US, and my sister is all geared up.. might as well have the experience. I will go online tomorrow, and she will send me pictures of her good finds thorugh her ever dependable Iphone. She can send email with pics from there.. we can also chat thru YM! So do you now have an idea on how our cyber shopping will take place? Nice item, place in cart, take pic, send to ME thru email, I'l receive it and give her a go signalfor purchase. That easy! The hard part would be the money ..Hahaha! I will use my dad's credit card then have it paid later on. Hulugan pa! Sana malimutan ng daddy ko na may utang ako :) LOL!

I have a few opps , but my mind is sooo focused with shopping! Do I sound pathetic? Goodness! Pano kaya kung ako mapunta sa Amerika? Bwahahha!

Anyway, here's a few info that my sister shared at her site, you can click here. I find it helpful for my fellow shopaholics out there! Common! Papalampasin pa ba natin ang chance na to? Oh my! Bad Influence na ba ko sa inyo? Aggie at Abie, wag nyo na sagutin ang tanong ko.. Alam ko na sagot:)

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Mich said...

naku Peachy, very tempting talga! hehehe!