Friday, November 23, 2007

Tickets.. More tickets!

It's exactly one month to go before the much - awaited Barney concert. I got so busy with a lot of things lately, the concert, shopping and preparing stuff for Christmas. I almost forgot that I need to get tickets for my cousin in UK. Yeah, it's his birthday on December, so I'm giving him a gift for his birthday and Christmas. This is the first time he asked for something really specific so I am doing my best to give it to him, as long as it is something available online, then I can handle it. I just need to ship items at his UK address. He is a sports fanatic, so I gave hima chance to see a game upclose and personal.

He actually had a change of mind of what he really wanted. I clearly stated to him that I can only give him one of his wishes. At first he wanted to see live tennis games, so I decided to check out available schedules for him, I was about to get his Tennis Tickets when he said that he just wants to see Golf. The British Open is what he is really aiming to see, so I am confirming if what type of seats would he want to have before I finally purchase his Golf Tickets. In a few minutes , he changed his mind again. Goodness! He keeps viewing the website that I gave him, and everytime he would click onto something, he would have a change of mind. I can't blame him though, every kind of ticket is sold there, may it be a concert or a game ticket. So I ended up purchasing Formula 1 Tickets. He chose to watch the European Grand Prix event and I got hiim the best seats. Getting the tickets online was so easy, really hassle free. I do wish we have the same system here. Everything was just a click away.

I do hope my cousin would enjoy watching the game this December, I know he feels excited, same with what I feel right now.

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