Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving..

Though I am here in the Philippines.. let me still greet all of you :)

Thanksgiving is a time to share and spread happiness to all those we love..

... so to my family in CA, Mommy, Daddy, Ricca, Tito Manny , Auntie Cris, Uncle Bert and Kuya Jon.. May this season be joyous though you only have each other as a family to celebrate. Next year, abanagan nyo kami jan! LOL! Feeling! Oh my, I know, Ricca and Mommy are all geared up to shop! I know! I know! And I envy you two! Gggrrr!

... to my relatives in LA and Chicago.. Happy Thanksgiving.. we will see you in December :)

... to my dear friend Erika, miss you na! Kala mo naman hindi tayo chat everyday, but hey, still I miss your company.

... and to all my Kababayans out there ! Happy Thanksgiving!

Feeling ko lang nasa Wowowee! ako LOL ! With matching shouting voice pa yan ah!

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Jen said...

Peachy, you are so hilarious!!!!!