Monday, November 26, 2007

Travelling and the internet

Whenever our family plans to travel, I am always given the task to look for a hotel and schedule everything for us, from our flights, to city tours and even our shopping schedule. I love doing this because I find it easy nowadays with the help of the internet. In just one click , I can see what I'm looking for. I don't even have to leave our house. We had two travel vactions this year and we are planning some new ones for next year. It is goo that I found a site where everything is there already, Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions and Photos of course. is one site I visit everyday because we are planning to visit Hongkong by next year. I budget would still permit, maybe we can also visit Bangkok.

Our family loves to travel, and we really make it a point to bond while we are on vacation. I am checking on nice hotels that offers group rates since we might arrive in group. That would save as much you know. Then, our city tour is already carefully planned on the places we need to check out within Hongkong. I am really excited with Disneyland, it's our family's first. Of course, shopping will be on our list. Having my sister in this vacation, we just couldn't miss shopping. Hongkong is a nice place to shop because they offer a lot of sale items for everybody. We might also try out the finest and yummiest restaurants in the area since we are all chinese food lovers. I'm dying to try out authentic chinese food hehehe.

I am so happy to see this site, I dont have to go elsewhere to find what I'm looking for. NOw, we just need to book a flight and confirm all our schedules. Oh, I can't wait.

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