Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Monday

How's your day so far? Mine.. super happy monday!

Joaqui and I woke up at 9am :) Though our maid was out for a while, I was able to clean him up all by myself. I also went to the bathroom with him, I wanted him to sit on my lap, but he keeps walking around. Buti na lang the floor is not wet at all. But he played with the water :) I was also able to prepare Papaya for his breakfast.

As I went online, i had a few chit chat with dear friends, til Ricca appeared online too. This made me happy, really.. and what made everything complete? Gelo has a surprise for me. Well, its not a surprise anymore. I will post the complete story later. The little boy is still up, and he is invading my throne!

Anyway, hope your day is great too :) I was busy with online shopping recently , i need to bloghop :) I miss reading posts :)

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