Monday, November 26, 2007

Colored Diamonds

Would you believe that I don't have an engagement ring? I actually asked Gelo not to give me one, I am honestly now that fascinated with it I guess. I even told him that instead of buying me one, he just add up that money for our wedding itself. Our love story is worth more than any ring at all. Well, that is for me , of course. Maybe I'm not that fascinated at all. Our wedding ring is simple too, no stones of any sort , as we both wanted to keep it simple.

Few weeks ago, Gelo asked me if it will be okay with me to add two stones in our wedding ring, to signify our 2 years of togetherness. So I said yes, then maybe we can add one stone per year. We went to jewelry stores to canvass for the prices in them arket nowadays. I also checked online and found a website that has wonderful ring and jewelry designs. Wow! I am so fascinated with the Black Diamonds. I wasn't able to see one in a store, so I just check out the website and showed it to Gelo. There were also They also have Blue Diamonds that's really enticing, but something really caught my attention. It's the Black Diamond Rings that I saw at a magazine worn during an awards night. It looks majestic even just in pictures. What added to my excitement was seeing a complete set with necklace and earrings. Oh my, the simple studs are so elegant looking and I can imagine myself wearing it during the Christmas Eve mass.

I just wish Gelo can give me even just a ring or earrings. Im not fond of jewelries, but this one is something I really fancy for now. It's comparatively low in price and a good investment too. What do you think?

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