Monday, November 26, 2007

Surprise! Surprise!

All along, I have been posting here that I am getting myself a wallet from my blogging money. But being the mommy that I am, I first bought Gelo this wallet as my Christams gift( and yes, it came purely from my paypal account) ..

Thanksgiving online sale was crazy shopping for me. I bought Joaquin four shoes :) 2 from Stride Rite and the 2 soft leather ones from Robeez (thanks to Toni for telling me this brand )

Even before the Black Friday at US, I already told my sister that I don't have enough money to splurge on shopping (nalimas na talaga ko). So she said that she will just use my dad's credit card for my Coach wallet. I am really not on a rush to buy but I'm excited to have one.. Ironic ba? Lol. So My sister showed me the pics of some wallets at Macy's and sadly it doesn't have a discount at all. Goodness . Gracious! I love to have one as soon as I saw it sa pictures. So I confirmed with my sis the design that I want for myself. I asked for a french purse and a mini skinny for my coins :) Wala pa kong pera nyan, at dalawa pinapabili ko. LOL. Ambisyosa! The mini skinny is around $48, that one I can pay asap, but the wallet..utang ko muna.

My sis went to Macy's and left my mom and dad at the grocery. It was a quick purchase and she just used her credit card to hide the real amount from my dad. She was giddy happy to show her purchases this morning. I can see it in her, she's happy with her items too. So, I made everything clear, on how i will pay her. She even said, "walang tulugan sa blogging yan". But she told me that she's not on a rush for my payments. But still I insisted with our terms of payment.
This afternoon, at YM with Gelo, we were chatting about my wallet and on how I'M gonna pay Ricca. But I was shocked to know, that Gelo already talked to Ricca even before Thanksgiving about buying me a wallet. It's just I'm so fickle minded with my chosen designs, I keep on changing daw, so he really cant ask Ricca which design to buy for me. Oh My! I was so touched! He wanted to surprise me at all. He even wanted Ricca to tell me na hindi nabili ang wallet, wala lang, to make me sad a bit and to feel the excitement again. But Ricca can't hide her shopping excitement, so ayan.. now I have my wallet.. And Gelo is the one paying for it. (Well, Im still paying for the coin purse). How lovely is that? It's like exchange gifts , LOL! Here it is..

And the mini skinny I'm paying from my blogging money:)

Thank you Gelo. You can't keep surprises too, just like me:) So now, we have to work hard para may malagay tayo sa wallets natin , LOL. Or else, mahal pa ang wallet sa laman ng wallet.. but nevertheless, I love it, coz it's from you :)


Ricca said...

ugh!!! i hate gelo!!! surprise nga nya yun e! mal post major spoiler!!! i'll post on my blog about the whole story!!!

popcorn said...

it's sweet that your husband still wants to surprise you :-) Nakaka-kilig, diba ?

Mich said...

ang sweat naman ninyo! uy Peachy, that wallet is gorgeous! ayan nattempt na talga ako...LOL! kaya ayaw ko pang tingnan ang coach website eh... :)

Peachy said...

mich, buy ka na din, dami talaga super nice na wallets :)