Thursday, November 01, 2007

Rent a car

Its been a while since I saw my cousin's family who lives in Los Angeles. He called me this morning and we had a little chat. We talked about his family's plan of visiting Louisiana. His two kids are actually excited about the trip already because they will have it anytime this December. He booked the hotel and the city tour over the internet. He keeps on telling me how easy everything went, from inquiries to reservations, payments and confirmations. All are set excpet for one thing, he is still in need of a car service. I gave him a few sites to visit and he landed on a site that has over 30,000 rent a car rental locations in over 150 websites. Searching for a rent a car in New Orleans is just easy when it's done over the web. You will be asked of your address, date pick up time and date, and as well as the date of return. You also need to input your vehicle of choice. From those questions, the site will provide you the cheapest rates found over the internet. So you are guaranteed of getting the best from your money.

From this site, you can book the service directly to them, and the best part is, it is absolutely free with just a click from your computer. The site also offers a list of the rent a car companies, and even hotels. So it's a one stop site for your travel needs. And it's not only in New Orleans that they have such wonderful offers, they also provide services in other cities in USA, and even other counties such as Hongkong and Paris.

So my cousin's trip is almost complete. They are just listing a few places to visit to add up to their trip. I was able to talk to his children, and I can really tell how excited they are. Oh and after this vacation in New Orleans, they will be back here by next year.

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