Friday, November 02, 2007

it's playtime

Pics taken during our house blessing. It's good to have a playroom for the kids, they just stayed there the entire afternoon. The mommies enjoyed chatting at the living room. Oh, and no to mention that toys are just limited in this room, in other words, hindi makalat hehehe! Joaquin's 4 cousins were all inside this Dora Tent owned by cousin Khloe. You might get curious on why Joaquin has Dora in his playroom hahaha, his cousin brought that in the playroom because they dont fit inside the elephant tent that we have..

** inside the Dora tent **

** Joaquin playing with balls**

** inside the elephant tent. it has a long trunk were kids can crawl inside but it just eats up too much space so i placed it back to the box**

** yeah he cant get enough of it. he is so much into balls nowadays.. **

We still don't have an aircon unit for this room. Hopefully by December we can get one, it's not too hot inside, but still it is a hot when you go around following kids. They sometimes get rough i'm telling you. We still lack a few items here aside from the A/C unit. I know we can finish things in time. For now, I'm thankful to his room, Joaquin would point at the door saying "play"..and he wont stop til you enter. I just sit and I let him play. Nakaka awa lang, coz everyday he plays alone. Hehehe.

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Jen said...

time to make another one!!! :D