Thursday, November 01, 2007

Time Out !

Okay .. Okay.. i know it's flooding with opps already , LOL! I'm actually loving it coz it means nothing more than money. I just had a chat with the daddy and he wants a jacket for Christmas. I am overly excited to give him one from my own money if i can afford it at all. OR if it's something more than my budget, then he pays for the rest of the amount. Pretty good deal :) I am also getting a designer bag for me, i have 2 brands in mind now, but I know, I still have to wait. It's the daddy and the little boys turn this time. I am saving the best for me HAHAHA! That is, kung may pera pa ko matitira. So hope you understand why i'm hungry for opps nowadays..

Oh, i owe you pics from Joaquin's trick or treat. I might upload it later . I need to bloghop now. See you around guys...

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