Thursday, November 08, 2007

Orlando Accomodations

My sister and her dear friends from work decided to relive the child in them, so they are going to visit the Walt Disney World in Orlando on January. A lot tourists will definitely hit the place during the Christmas season, so they decided to have it by the end of January. Since all of them lives at California, they are still looking for a nice hotel in Orlando. Of course, it needs to be near The Walt Disney World.

Since I had a previous job experience in the hotel industry, she asked me for some recommendations. I gave her a hotels to choose from within the area, and I also informed her that since they are in a group, there is really a big possibility of getting good rates through group hotel bookings. Now, they just need to check out if their chosen hotel can accomodate them on their stay. This would be her first time in Orlando, and aside from the Disney World, they will also tour the city to check out it's sites and attractions. And most of all, she won't leave Orlando without a shopping bag.

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