Thursday, November 08, 2007

Venue.. check!

We went to MOA today because Gelo was home at 2pm.. Truly once in a lifetime! LOL. we checked out Lamesa Grill and inquired about their group packages. The manager is soo accomodating, the price is reasonable and the food is great.. oh and not to mention the service. ( We ate there twice already so we are kinda familiar with the menu )We decided to book Nov 30 at 6pm for my MIL's urprise birthday party. Her birthday is actually on the 29th but we chose friday because of the fireworks! LOL.. Shallow! And we know that since it's a holiday on the 30th, it would be easier for guests to come on time. Of course, they have to be earlier than my MIL hehehe . Yey! This is exciting. Oh, and i still dont have idea on give aways.. any suggestions? thanks

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