Thursday, November 08, 2007


** posing with the Santas.. Parang turista! LOL **

** the christmas village.. Aggie.. bili ka na! **

** The 2 tall santas (made of fiber glass) are the ones that we got last Tuesday.. It's already displayed in our living room, and we placed a light bulb inside **

** the little boy can't get enough.. he even kissed this one **
** our countertop decors.. The plate is just php 50, while the cookie jars 75 each.. not bad **

So As of today, we are decided not to have a tree anymore.. we are sticking with our theme for this year.. Everything Santa Claus! But wait, how about the christmas village? I wanna have it too! LOL. I'll add on small Santas around the village maybe..


Aggie said...

OMG, lalo akong naexcite, LOL

Kelly said...

ang gaganda ha! gusto ko na tuloy sumama sa nanay ko pagpunta dun...

ann k said...

hi peachy! san ba yang christmas village? naghahanap nga ako ng mabibilan ng mga christmas thingy na hindi masyadong pricey eh. :)

Peachy said...

Aggie - excited ka na noh? hehehe

Kelly - super nice ng items dun.. try to visit them again

Ann - along lacson and jhocson sts sya. If ur from UST, before pa mag NAgtahan

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi peachy!

Saw your message at jane's aliw ako xmas village. will check it out.

Dami pa kasi ako idle space inside the house! hahaha! :)

thanks for posting this ha! :)