Wednesday, November 07, 2007


yeah, the little boy loves to talk.. to the point that sometimes I don't even understand him. He loves to immitate simple words that he hears from us. Names, things, expressions and all. Hmm. ano kaya nakain nito? ..Just this morning, while watching his ever famous "Blue's Clues Bluestock", he heard the word HAPPY when Steve asked Sidetable drawer on "how do you feel today?".. then he keeps on saying the word happy , loud and clear. So I played the role of Steve and ask him the same question..

Mommy : How do you feel today Joaquin?

Joaqui : HAPPY ( he will then flash his super pacute smile)
And we are doing this the whole day. I lost count actually. I think he knows the meaning of "happy" already. Actually, just to give you a bit of a trivia, I was supposed to give the name "HAPPY" if my baby was a girl. Thats the nickname that we wanna have for a baby girl, and i am still sticking with it if in the future we will be blessed with a girl (*crossfingers*).. Joaqui and Happy.. Cuteness!

Since I'm a SAHM , and its just me with the little boy the whole day, I have observed that he has a good memory retention. He easily recognizes things at one teaching. Simple things found in his books, toys and charts, na recognize nya after i introduce it to him, then i just follow it up sometimes, I guess that helps him to retain infos. But when he is playing, ay, bumalik ka na lang pag di na sya busy. He loves to say "LABYU" too. He loves to say and wave "HI" and "BA BYE", he knows if someone is getting ready to leave. LOL. He can identify around 75-80% of the items found in his ABC chart. Pano ba naman nya sasabihin ang hamburger, xylophone, watermelon, violin at umbrella? Hmmm , bka 1 or 2 syllables na lang matira nun. He is not into letters though. BUT he is so much into numbers! Future Engineer like mom and dad! he can point out a few numbers already,a nd he can recognize it anywhere.. im telling you.. anywhere :) sometimes, he would see it even before i see it. So I was like.. "where? .. oh there!" LOL

I am soo proud of Joaquin. He always makes me happy. He never fails to put a smile on my face. I can really say that Its all worth it.. everything.. the sacrifices of not working though I graduated college with an engineering degree.. the hardships of taking care of him by myself since he was born... keeping with our decision of not getting a yaya until I can do everything for him... passing up on some gimmicks with friends because I need to stay with my son.. missing out a lot of movies because no one can look after him but just me and gelo.... I am now enjoying all of my sacrifices... My son is so close to me and to his dad, he calls our name always, and hearing daddy and mommy is just soo wonderful.. he prefers to be with me than anybody else... i see him grow.. i watch him explore.. i hear his first words.. I AM ALWAYS PRESENT IN ALL OF HIS LIFE'S FIRSTS.. and that feeling is more than anything money can compensate. It's priceless.

I thank God that Gelo has a good job to support us. I thank God for blessing me with a good family who surrounds us with love. I thank God for everything that is happening now. I thank God for the wonderful gift of motherhood.

So to all my mommy friends, I salute all of you for a job well done in raising your kids :) I think we all changed because of motherhood ( except for one thing.. shopping!, LOL)

Okay, I am leaving you with this.. I got too serious with my post.. let's see how you'll react with this shot..

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ann k said...

hi peachy! you seem to be a very happy and proud mom! i can feel it while reading your post. natawa ako sa expression ni joaqui. ano ginagawa niya diyan bakit siya nakaganyan na parang may iniisip na kung ano at napakunot ang noo at napangiwi ang bibig?