Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Christmas wishlist

I already have a gift to Gelo for Christmas and he is aware of that. However, there is still something that he would like to receive, a toshiba HDTV that he has been eyeing for quite some time now. That will be a gift for the entire family . We enjoy watching movies together and this Television would best match our mini home theatre. We already check out some stores, and even online shops that offers this, and we were able to spot good prices and offers , however, we still need to compare on everything. It is good that some websites offers reviews from their customers, so you already have an idea of the product. You also get to know opinions of the consumers. There is a lot of model and styles to choose from, and we are so puzzled on which one to get. It would still be the daddy who would give the last decision, since he will pay for it, and he knows a lot with electronics. I hope and pray that we can get one before Christmas, we will be having a small reunion at home. I would love to sing in front of that TV screen, and we can also let the kids catch a good animated movie. Well, let's see.

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