Sunday, November 28, 2010

Your Income May Need Patching

If you ever do freelance work for anybody, you know how it goes when you try to collect on a bad debt. But how about when the client has changed his or her mind or wants to renegotiate the pay structure when you've already begun working on whatever it is? In a situation like that, you can still end up getting your money in full later on, but just try and tell the electric company that you'll be getting paid in a few weeks, hopefully, when they start throwing out terrible sounding words like "disconnection." It's enough to make you want to disconnect your phone line, isn't it?

Hopefully things like that don't happen to you. You set your rate, your client agrees to it, and there is no delay in the pipeline your work has to travel through. But in the real world, sometimes bad things happen, even to really good people like you. It's like when someone at a party who's had a few too many falls over and makes a hole in the wall, only it's your money and your life style we're talking about. When a client is being obstinate, you can buy yourself some time using emergency cash loans. Usually, a small issue can be resolved in time to get everything straightened out, finish the work and be able to pay back the loan.

And in cases of a long term project, you should still be receiving at least a percentage of your total compensation before the entire thing is completed. When you take out an emergency cash loan, you put a little patch over a rough spot in your financial picture. In most cases, that plus your short term savings (if you've had the time and good fortune to build any) should be able to carry you through about anything, unless there's a natural catastrophe or something.

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