Sunday, November 28, 2010

Good Pets

We are trying hard around here to ignore Joaquin's pleas for a new pet. He, of course, wanted a puppy. Now though, it seems as he will take anything. After I said no to a puppy he asked for a kitten. After I said no he asked for a rodent of some kind. His father made a joke about going to Grandma's house with a piece of cheese and catching himself one, but he did not think that counted.

Today I grabbed the mail and found postcards from two companies advertising specials. One went right in the trash because we didn't need what they sell. The other one was from a local tropical fish store. So, I could get him a small tank with some pretty fish for not too much money.

Does anybody else think that this is a good compromise for getting him a pet? I had a very small tank once. It had two beautiful guppies in it. The problem was, one of them was so mean. It would bite the tail on the other one. Then, one day, the yellow one was just gone. Mom told me he died, but I think she got rid of him because he was so mean to the other fish.

Anyway, it is obvious that my mind is wandering. I was talking about a new pet. I think I know what happened though. I am distracted by the sunlight.

It is beautiful outside today. I wanted to stop and write, but now I can't wait to get out there and enjoy some sunshine! So, I will leave you with a question. What is your favorite part of a warm sunny day? Is it the outside? The lower energy bills? The way so many people seem to be in a better mood? Comment and tell me!

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