Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wedding dresses

Preparing for a wedding can be both fun and tiring. I remember few years ago when I was at this stage, my weekends were full because I have to go through a lot of schedules. If you are to ask me, I can say that what I like most was looking for dresses in the magazines, trying to get some inspiration from the designer works. I was focused with what I want then, simple yet very elegant. Colors should match all throughout each member of the entourage so as the embellishments. Now, I am at a stage of helping out my cousin in choosing from the wedding dresses she compiled. She asks for various opinions regarding the dresses, that way she can finally decide which one to have as her wedding dress. Her female veil sponsor is now pregnant so she want to create a design that will surely fit the sponsor on her wedding day. Inspirations from maternity dresses came handy though. A lot of designs to choose from, we just need to determine the material to be used for the maternity dress so it will be flowy and not too fitting. As for me, I got to find the perfect dress for me. I am browsing through evening dresses that would suit my figure now. I just love weddings, and I feel happy being part of my cousin’s big day.

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