Monday, August 30, 2010

Superbowl tickets 2011

One of the few things that my husband loves is sports. Every time he comes home at night he will just watch some re-runs of the games he missed like basketball, boxing, soccer or football. He will sometimes watch the games live when he has the time during the weekends. My husband is a big fan of the NFL , and he is already looking forward to the finals of this season. He watch every dame and makes it a point to catch up when he misses one game. The grand finale of the NFL Season is on February 6, 2011 in Arlington Texas. This early he would like to reserve Superbowl tickets for him and his friends. I really thought that was exaggerating since it is still for next year, but when we checked the internet, there are already tickets being sold. I told him to get the Super bowl packages , I think it will be better because that would save some money. Aside from the game tickets, you package may include 3 to 4 nights deluxe accommodations, Pre-game superbowl party , round trip event transportation and a sports event travel guide to assist you at the event. That would be an experience of a lifetime that he will never forget. Now I know why he want to Buy Buy superbowl tickets now, everyone wants to see who will go home with the Lombardi Trophy.

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