Sunday, August 29, 2010

Audio conferencing and other communication tools

I previously worked in a call center company and telecommunication is the most important factor in our job. We connect to people worldwide providing them with utmost services. But aside from that, we also maintain regular contact with our partners worldwide. Technology played its part in our daily meetings. The power of Audio conferencing was so strong; we communicate and do reports thru this tool. At the start of my shift, we usually perform the conference to inform us on what types of calls to expect for the day. During those times that we need to be more visual, then a Video conference will make everything possible. The telecommunication technology is not only a great help for individuals but for businesses too. Imagine how much time and money a company can save instead of sending someone to go and attend a meeting? Now, even international contacts can easily get in touch with each other without travelling. I remember doing some sales reports thru Web conferencing , our client abroad was just so happy that he gave us some incentives with our performance. I never thought reporting would be that easy. The power of the internet saved us from really big costs. I would recommend companies out there to try this conferencing tool, it will surely make work easier and at the same time cut some of your unnecessary costs.

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