Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cuff Crazy Novelty Cufflinks

Most of the time, we associate cufflinks with formal occasions. My father would wear one when he is wore formal long sleeves or the tuxedo. But now, when I went to the mall to look for some cufflinks as a gift for my uncle, I was overwhelmed with the various designs in the Mens Cufflinks Section! Before most cufflinks were just found in shapes of a square or a rectangle, with the colors of gold or silver, not different colors or in different designs. There were even Superman Cufflinks for the great fans of the comic hero. I guess they expanded with this designs to cater to the younger generation who maybe needing some informal designs. I think I wanted to get Batman for my husband because he is a big fan. Or maybe I can check out the Novelty Cufflinks too. I think the Aces cufflinks will be best for my uncle because he loves to play poker. He will certainly look so cool wearing a playing cards cufflink, don’t you think? There’s also some black poker chips cufflinks available at a very good price. Oh the choices are endless, now I am thinking of getting two sets for my uncle since I really can’t decide for the best one. You may check out for more desigs.I am thinking of getting more because this will certainly be a great Christmas gift for men

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