Sunday, May 02, 2010

Vacation, here I come

Work has been a big load lately, that I would always stay up late to finish up things. I am gratefull for the opprtunities coming my way, but you know, I feel restless too from all these so I would really want a quick vacation soon. I would love to go to the beach with my husband not just to unwind but to celebrate our anniversary too. I would like to take the opportunity that we will be away from the kids for a few days.

The caribbean hotels is on the top of my list because I have seen wonderful pictures not just of the hotel interiors but the beachfront as well. I am a true beach lover so whenever we go to different beaches, I certainly enjoy what nature has to offer. Have you heard about the Ocho Rios hotels? A friend of mine stayed there for their anniversary trip too, and he can't help but say only the nice words about the place. It was indeed a paradise according to her. It got me really curious that I immediately went over their pictures and looked at the internet too for some other information. It looks promising to me! Maybe I should try to contact them immediately to see if they still have availability on my chosen dates. These all inclusive hotels certainly catches my attention as I always feel that I need not to worry about anything. From the accomodations, amenities, services, food.. everything is well taken care of. Now, I just need to ask my husband for his suggestions so I can reserve for our stay before these hotels get fully booke

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