Sunday, November 11, 2007

Whatta Party!..

Yeah, early birds kami as in! Afetr joaquin's calss at TLG, we had late lunch at Mcdo El Pueblo then decided to got ot Greeneblt since there's nothing else to do. Gelo picked up his reserved jacket from Shangrila during the class, Nice and I cancelled our meet up and decided to ship the items na lang for a hassle free sunday :) So yeah.. we were at Greenbelt at 330 - 4 pm I guess. The little boy was asleep then so easy window shopping for us. The daddy invited me to check out the LV Store, asus! He's checking on some wallets.. hmm, wala pa tayong pambili nyan. I am looking for the Coach store.. San ba yun? I need to compare their prices with the online store. LOL.

So at 4:30, we were at Mcdo already! LOL! We stayed at the cafe, and 5 mins later, Apols arrived. Chika chiakng konti. Joaqui was already at the party area when the party before ours are still packing. Crasher! LOL!

And when all of the mommies with their kids and hubbies arrived, hay , ang ingay na! LOL! Chika dito , chika dun! The kids are everywhere! Happiness talaga! Gelo and I had so much fun! And the little boy too. Grabe, naka 2 kiss sya agad kay Sandy ha! Ano ba yan Joy! Ang bilis ng anak ko , LOL! I enjoyed the games.. oh and i love the gifts we received. Thanks Jane for the Bags.. love the colors and prints.. And to Aggie's Mato for the Barney DVD's! Salamat, we have something new to watch for tomorrow!

And to all the mommies.. nice meeting you and your families. And super thanks sa mga bumili sa kin! I model nya yan sa blog nyo! Hahaha! Thanks Apols for organizing this ha.. Sana next time, purely chikahan portion na ang mommies! :) I'll be back with more chikas about the party! Need to hit the sack!


Jane said...

hi peachy! nice to meet you. please check my blog i posted about the aprty too and am suggesting something :p

Pam said...

Hi Peachy,

Katuwa naman party niyo :)