Sunday, November 11, 2007

Aiming for Europe

My love for Europe started when I was working for an International hotel chain. I would assist guests with reservations, so I am pretty familiar with most places. If ever I will be given a chance to visit the place, I am definitely checking out the Eiffel Tower. I already have a short list of France Hotels , I am pretty sure of their service and rates.

A guided tour at the Louvre Museum is also a must try for tourists. I am fascinated with the arts and enjoy visiting museums. I do wish that we can also stay a few nights on some Paris Hotels. Heard good feedbacks about hotel interiors and service, oh and it's really near the shopping areas. This s really the place that I wanted to visit for the longest time. I am actually saving up money for it.

Lastly, Gelo and I wanted to visit some wineries at Nice. Some Nice hotels offers this tour so we might also check it out. We have never seen one, so imagine our curiosity, LOL. I am really interested with the Boutique Hotels at Nice, France. Who knows, we might be given the chance by next year? Well, i'll just cross my fingers.

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