Sunday, November 04, 2007

starstruck on a sunday afternoon

After Joaquin's class at the Little Gym, we went to Podium to have our Samsonite hand carry repaired. We have requested for a replacement of the handle, It's kinda long story, basta it needs to be repaired hehehe :)

Anyway, a few moments after we checked out Samsonite, I was starstrucked! With none other than Ms. Mikee Cojuangco - Jaworski! My idol for life in flesh.. A few steps away from me. Syempre pasimple lang, nasa Podium ako eh hehehe! They were heading the escalator with her 2 kids, Hubby Dodot and 2 - 3 bodyguards. Didn't spot a Yaya at all, she doesnt even carry designer bag, actually no bag at all. She's in a red satin blouse which is kinda loose, is she preggy? Then she's wearing a cream cotton pants. Gelo spotted her diamond earrings! LOL. I was just looking at her face. Lovely, pretty, beautiful, goddess.. lahat na! Her hair is neatly pony tailed. Too bad , I wasn't able to check on her footwear, LOL. People were also pasimple pa looking at her family. Let's not talk about Dodot anymore, gwapo per super taba na nya, hahaha! The kiddos are really handsome.. they look like Mikee.

Anyway, we then went to Living Well, and Sale ang Sleepcare Pillows!!! Php 750 Buy One Take One for the queen sized ones! The regular price per piece is 480. Not bad. The ones for kids is not on sale though, it's 280 each, 15 x 20. Super dami items on sale! We will be back next week after the class , i'm gonna buy for my MIL naman :)

And di pa natatapos jan ang sunday ko, we went to the Christmas factory at Lacson near Nagtahan. Why? You'll see...

How was your week?


Apols said...

wow buti ka pa nakita mo si Mikee haha nagagandahan din ako sa kanya :)

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

I like mikee peachy! :) Effortless and beauty nya.

Btw, i got a tag for you here >