Sunday, November 04, 2007

Online University

Can you actually mix school and work? Well, now you can. My sister who works for a bank at CA decided to enroll herself into an online degree program. She will be taking up Master of Business Administration at capella university. She found out about this top online university through her friend who is currently enrolled too. She decided to take up this course after she finished her Bachelor degree in Accountancy.

She has been longing to take up a Masteral degree, but her schedule at work won't let her squeeze it in. Now, she is excited to be back in school again. The online Masteral program builds professional effectiveness skills that leads to career advancement. She can also make use of this degree when she wants to pursue a business of her own. She still would like to specialize in Accounting and Finance, as it is her line of work. I am so happy for this new experience for her and I do wish her luck and success.

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